Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba and raised on the West Coast, Ginny spent 27 years as a high school art teacher in Calgary encouraging a love of the arts in her students and raising her four children.

Ginny creates figurative sculpture in clay, resin, bronze, hydrastone, concrete and driftwood. She has travelled extensively throughout the South Pacific, Africa, the UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, the Middle East and India.

She spent 2 years living in Tripoli, Libya with her husband David. During her time there she created 12 elongated figurative sculptures based on the people that she met...the colourful Berbers, Tuaregs and Expats. Only one sculpture was brought back, all others were sold in Libya. Within a few months, the Arab Spring engulfed Libya and only a few of the sculptures made it out of the country.

Glover and her husband travelled extensively in Libya and during these travels came across hundreds of clay shards left by the Romans thousands of years before. She finds it comforting to think that some of the shards of her work my some day be discovered by future generations.

Her travel experiences have been a key influence in the continuing evolution of her work. She now lives in Victoria, BC with her husband David.